Wednesday, July 16, 2014

“Sculpting Life, A re-contextualization of the living marine reef ecosystem” 2014 by [dNASAb]

“Sculpting Life, A re-contextualization of the living marine reef ecosystem” 2014
Thermal formed plastics,24 hand cast archival images, 60 living corals, cast clear plastic 3d  fiber optic nodes,270 led's,acrylic,fiber optics,reclaimed/recycled plastics, aquatic resin, live rock, and a full marine ecosystem.

The artist [dNASAb] uses mixed media to evoke the forms, textures, and colors of the living coral reef, as well as the biodiversity of ocean life. A seasoned scuba diver, the artist seeks to share his experience of the underwater world’s perception changing power.

“The living coral reef ecosystem only covers about 1% of the ocean,” writes the artist, “but provides a full 25% of the oceans’ biodiversity. I am awed by the extreme degree of specialization these species have developed throughout their evolution. ”

[dNASAb] reproduces the shifting organic growth of the reef by allowing living invertebrates to fasten to the work, making the sculpture part of the living coral it seeks to mimic. In this way the sculpture- like the reef and its inhabitants-transforms over time. With its ability to create, regenerate, and evolve in real-time, [dNASAb]’s work reflects the corporate culture on the other side of the aquarium glass.

Employing plastics, LEDs, fiber optics, and other media, [dNASAb]’s  Aquascaping Project makes the connection between the rich biodiversity of the reef and the accelerating  social and cultural evolution of the world we inhabit on land.

*No aquatic life was harmed by sculpture installation or presence in the tank*

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