Sunday, November 24, 2013

Site specific Berlin Video Sculpture "Screenscaping Berlin _ Ästhetik des Verfalls; Design for Electronics Sterben" by [dNASAb] 2013

 ""Screenscaping Berlin _ Ästhetik des Verfalls; Design for Electronics Sterben".
16 LCD screens, 48 ft of LED's,cast plastics, speakers, auto-start media players, HD audio/video tracks.120 in. x 120 in.(10 ft x 10 ft )

A site-specific video sculpture built on location in Berlin,Germany. It is comprised of 16 individual screens in the range of iPad/Tablet to iPhone/Android and iPod/non-smartphone sizes.The 1080P HD video and audio tracks were also rendered/created in Berlin. 

It was created for the show "Paradigm Shift ,part of Cyberfest 2013,organized by Cyland Media Art Lab.
It is on long-term exhibition in Berlin,Germany at The WYE,Berlin.If you'd like to interface with the piece, I'd be delighted to arrange a visit.

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