Friday, June 07, 2013

[dNASAb] exhibits 2 new video sculptures in [Shoot ] at Lesley Heller Workspace gallery.

"Screenscaping #2" 2013 ,7 Channel Video Sculpture, (1) 19" LED screen, (1) 7" LCD screen (5) 3.5" LCD screens , fiber optics, printed plastic, glass, metal, Auto-start HD Media Player, 1 of 1 video/audio track. 

 Exhibition: [Shoot] at Lesley Heller Workspace
54 Orchard Street New York, NY 10002
June 5 through July 3, 2013 
Opening reception: June 5, 2013, 6-8 pm

 [dNASAb] exhibits 2 new video sculptures in [Shoot ] at Lesley Heller Workspace gallery..

 [dNASAb] creates video sculptures that are based on the aesthetics created in the destruction of the screen. He begins by purchasing a brand new screen. Takes it out of the box and breaks it. During each step of the process of breaking it he photographs, in High Definition stills, the effects. He then layers those HD stills in myriads of layers in After Effects. The resulting videos “conceptually render the brand new screens; that these films are displayed on; broken, glitch-y and useless”. He then samples the best stills of the new HD video, and extrudes them into a third dimension via archival printed plastics. He juxtaposes the plastic images with clusters of lcd screens, fiber optics, LED’s, glass, mirrors, crystals and plastics on the surface of the largest screen to create the “Screenscaping” and “Aesthetics of Decay” video sculptures.

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