Thursday, August 12, 2010

Guggenheim/Youtube Creative Video Biennial "Play" submission by [dNASAb]

"Projecteurs de l'Homme" ("Human Projectors") 2010
HD Video, edition of 5 + 2 AP, 2.07 mins.
Guggenheim/Youtube Creative Video Biennial "Play" submission by [dNASAb]

Via the use of evolving technologies, we are projecting ourselves into a virtual, digital domain. It's a pivotal time in human creative history. We are evolving from merely consuming content to actually creating content. We are building our avatars, and online identities, broadcasting our lives, transmitting our gps coordinates, tweeting our thoughts, and uploading glimpses into the way we want our lives to be perceived by others.

We are also living a larger majority of our lives online, in the info-sphere. Many of us have more daily interactions with humans via technology than real-life human interactions, or more "online" friends than "real" friends that you have actually interfaced with face-to-face. We have begun "being digital", we have begun moving closer to traveling back in time, we have begun becoming immortal, we are populating virtual spaces. We are inhabiting the info-sphere.
This is not the future. This is now! It is a revolution! "We are human projectors"


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