Friday, November 07, 2008

"Sculpture in the 21st Century" Sculpture Magazine review of [dNASAb] 2008

"Walking into [dNASAb]’s space felt like entering a control room out of control. Wall mounted sculptures resembling imploded iPods were arranged at an accessible height. Each abstract composition of colorful Styrofoam insulation, extruded plastic shreds, and resin pulsed with fiber optic life. A small, face like screen blinked out at the viewer from each piece, competing for attention with changing audio and video compositions. In addition to these “iPod ecosystems” the artist self styled as “disneyNASAborg” also programs LCD screens to create “video bursts” or “data bursts” Here, data not only come to life, but also burst out of the proscribed boundaries of a computer screen. By deconstructing the medium of transmission, [dNASAb] has outpaced video installation to create a new sculptural form. The most recent piece in the show, ”iPod Ecosystem, FIOS-JESUS”(2008), incorporates a crucifix and a sound recording of Christmas Mass in a Spanish Cathedral. Was this merely to introduce another form of spectacle? Or to underscore the fact that these pieces are standing at the intersection of the known and unknown? By incorporating religious mytho-history into his fantasy world of electronic technology, the artist signals that she/he is willing to enter that dialogue.

---Susan Knowles Sculpture Magazine “Sculpture in the 21st Century” November 2008, vol.27 no.9

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